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Senior Leadership Competencies Assessment Drives Leadership Development

Harrison Senior Leadership Competencies Assessment enables your leaders to strengthen the leadership competencies needed to drive your organization's success. By comparing their behavioral tendencies to proven leadership competencies, your leaders will understand how to adjust their behaviors to maximize their effectiveness.

Leadership Development using Leadership Competency Assessment

Harrison provides an analysis of how an individual's behaviors compare to 10 senior leader competencies. It provides insight into the detailed motivations and behaviors related to each leadership competency along with actionable roadmaps to develop the competencies.

Our Senior leadership competencies

Our SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 factors which are used as the basis to assess the senior leadership competencies. The same data can be used to measure engagement, other competencies, or specific job success behaviors.

Develop the Leadership Competencies Needed to Achieve Your Mission

If your organization already has its own leadership competencies, they can be mapped into a customized competency assessment and/or renamed. Empower your leaders with individualized plans to develop the leadership competencies that reflect your organizational culture and objectives.

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